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Cultivating Promise

Our role is to facilitate teen’s thinking  without fear of rebuke or rejection. Our social emotional learning curriculum focuses on self-awareness, giving teens the means to implement learned behaviors in their everyday lives. 

The World and Me: My Relationship, My Place

August 2023 - May 2024

There’s much about the world we know and much more we have yet to discover. “The World & Me: My Relationship, My Place” is an exploration of one’s place in the world. Teens will examine their place within society, their relationship with it, society's relationship with it, how their perspective reflects how they choose to interact with the world, and the unknown possibilities when perspectives evolve. These sessions are designed to illustrate the value each individual holds as an integral part of one’s community and the world at large.

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Empowering teens to connect with self, enabling a flourishing transition into adulthood.
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