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Each of us has a stake in the development of our youth. In essence, we each have a role in their lives. What role will you play? Will it be the role of an active, engaged adult, or will it be that of a passive participant? Get involved and volunteer! Promote bibliotherapy and self-sufficiency in your community. You can even begin by making a donation today!


"Thank you for everything you’ve given us—the opportunities. I’ve met one of my closest friends cause of this program. Just thank you for everything honestly." 

Jocelyn H., Student


“As a mental health clinician in the community, it was an easy decision to support Cultivating You. This unique organization connects teens with the important self-discovery tools needed for a healthier adulthood. I am a proud annual sponsor.”

Amy Gilbert, LPC

"A lot of creative projects like that—the obituary and building a soundtrack to your life and everything—is very important for kids in this day and age. So, we’re just excited for you to see what we are doing next." 

Khamansha, Volunteer


"Thank you for all the time you dedicate to teenagers today and the ways you help them and many more years so that you can help more teenagers." 

Pablo V., Parent


"Supporting Cultivating You means that I am helping to support the efforts of an organization whose primary concern is providing the tools to build today's youth into tomorrow's adults. And that is always a worthy cause."

Alyxandra Price

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