Our Program Mission


Fostering a self-reliant, self-sufficient, and overall more healthy self. To connect participants with peers, caring adults, and self, thus maximizing every teen’s potential. Teens gain an affirming image of themselves centered in self-worth. Through shared experiences and discussions, students develop camaraderie with each other. 


Uncovering possibility incorporates bibliotherapy and social-emotional learning so students gain lifelong social emotional skills. Through reading, writing, and discussion, students are exposed to various perspectives affording opportunities to make better life choices while forming a self-sufficient foundation.


Beyond the Present prepares teens to begin planning for life after high school. Students explore options through college tours and speakers, allowing for a seamless transition into post-secondary education, training, or the workforce. Teaching resilience and self-sufficiency is part of cultivating empowered student voices and literacy.


Mindful Moments

Provide students a safe space to decompress from the noise and busyness of their everyday routines. In a collaborative setting, students are afforded the opportunity to commune with their inner selves.

College Tours

Students visit various colleges and universities. College tours allow students to determine the best environment for learning, make informed decisions regarding their post-secondary education, and experience college life.

"Talk to Me" Speaker Series

Students are introduced to various speakers and career opportunities, like those procured through traditional and non-traditional paths.

Evoke Your Imagination

Combines cultural events, reading, and writing assignments to fuel the love of the written and spoken word. Students present written perspectives expressing how the event or reading affected them. This activity is designed to incite interest and encourages a broader perspective in choosing study subjects such as international studies, social entrepreneurship, allied health, etc.

Revel In Majestic Words

Themed lessons tackle societal issues such as identity, human trafficking, domestic violence, and environmental concerns amongst others. Students reflect their interpretation through writing assignments, oral presentations, or the arts. This activity enables participants to formulate thoughts, transform them to the spoken or written word, and coherently communicate those thoughts to others.

Table Talk Discussions

A monthly forum enabling students to share and discuss their writings, in addition to exposing youth to journal writing.

About our Events

We offer an opportunity for engagement through literacy. Read, discuss, and connect with others as a means to mature your social-emotional learning. These events are meant to further the self-resilience and self-sufficiency of its participants via teaching social emotional skills. 

Upcoming Event:

The World & Me: In Relationship to My Place

There's so much stuff about the world we don't know and so much stuff going on in the world we do know. Session premise: To illustrate the value each individual holds as an integral part of community and the world at large. Many of our youth, and adults, are jaded, desensitized, and apathetic to what is going on in today's world. This year's programming will focus on understanding the power that each of them holds to make a difference in this world. Not to sit back and watch, but take action and do. Of course, the manner in which they do is part of their life's journey. However, I want these sessions to be a path that sets the course or a compass that points the way. It's about taking the world as a whole and finding your purpose in it.

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