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About Us

Cultivating You, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization; and designated 
Georgia State of Hope site
. Founded in 2006, the organization has
prioritized assisting teens in developing a self-sufficient foundation in a psychological-safe environment. Our mission is to empower teens to connect with self, enabling a flourishing transition into adulthood.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

At Cultivating You Inc. we believe all people have a gift. We seek to help underserved youth

uncover and develop these sometimes hidden gifts through reading comprehension, critical

thinking, and writing skills. In addition, Cultivating You instills the mechanics of Standard English

Grammar and speech communication. Thus, allowing students to discover the power within and

the ability to thrive in any environment.

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Our Philosophy

Nurturing the youth is a joint effort as well as an ever-evolving cycle that extends from the home

to the schools, and everywhere in between. Every child deserves the opportunity to flourish,

enabling a life of passion and purpose. Realizing that inspiration comes in many forms, such as

people, experiences, books, and so forth. Our task is to assist youth with falling in love or

falling back in love with learning.

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